Thought of the month

Why use the term PlayBarn (which prejudges a building typology) when considering an internal play environment. The reason to advocate any form of building must be about facilitating the play experiences being staged - therefore the built environment, landscape and Infrastructure must respond to this primary strategic need - and the architectural solution should follow this lead.

[Ray Hole, May 2018]


Mud Beaches

Visiting the beach is a wonderful experience at any age and at any time of the year. However, even though we are a relatively small island most of our population do not live by the sea and therefore access to such experiences are restricted. The definition of what a beach constitutes (generally a pebbly or sandy shore) should therefore be more imaginative. River and Lake beaches are not such a stretch - indeed during the war years London's Thames shoreline was enhanced to provide the citizens a degree of respite.

Mud beaches are a relatively inexpensive, dwell extending and value adding experience to create and by inference can be implemented anywhere - particularly where an area of "unusable" site is persistently water impacted. Site preparation plus familiar props; Cabanas, Loungers, Umbrellas, Washing Zones supported by pop-up F+B and Entertainment completes the high capacity experience.

[Ray Hole, March 2018]