Although not immediately obvious from the diverse range of our projects, ray hole architects undertake all work with a deep consideration of the principles of sustainable development. Our projects do not rely on flashy, bolt-on renewable technologies to achieve a pastiche of sustainability. Instead we have an established record of developing simple and appropriate architecture and built environment which is sustainable in the fullest sense through the avoidance of waste: waste of resources, waste of energy, waste of space, waste of money and waste of time.

Our track record in the leisure, experience economy and mixed-use sectors means that we naturally think about the way people will feel within and around our buildings and spaces whilst interacting with them. This understanding of behaviour and desire allows us to develop projects which are simple and practical for people to use, resisting the trend towards complexity which generally leads to excess consumption and the subsequent waste of energy and our progressively depleting resources. We believe that this understanding enables us to consider, much more deeply, a range of architectural solutions appropriate to other challenging and increasingly under supplied architectural typologies (including housing and public realm) for a changing demographic in the UK and in the growing economies around the world.

Developing the first example of any new archetype requires a deep understanding of the needs of the occupiers, whether these are residents, service providers, business staff, owners, operators or visitors. Our work across all leisure sectors also means that we have tremendous experience of developing unique buildings in response to unique problems.


ray hole architects develop designs through collaboration with leading experts and technical consultants in related fields such as civil/structural engineering, landscape architecture, highways and infrastructure engineering, interior design, etc. and naturally - sustainable development - in order to ensure that our projects receive the best and most current consideration of sustainable development issues.