West Midland Safari Park Hotel and Water Park

West Midlands Safari Park is located in the Wyre Forest just outside Kidderminster have ambitions to develop a Hotel and Water Park to broaden its appeal and provide more indoor attractions for year round visitors.   

On top of Bunkers Hill the facility has unrivalled views across the undulating landscape of the Safari Park. Inspired by authentic African lodge hotels, the master plan integrates buildings, landscape and topography using indigenous earthwork structures and nature itself.   

The centralised core facilities are provided in a pavilion located on the plateau linking all the accommodation under one roof. The hotel rooms peel off from this core in ribbons following the natural contours and interweaved with mature trees. The Water Park utilises the steeper slopes providing a natural setting set under a transparent undulating ‘cloud’ roof. 

Kiddeminster, UK
West Midland Safari Park
£18 million
Hotel . Europe