Chris Eubank Academy

One of the UK’s most infamous boxers, his skill and determination in the ring matched his flamboyant personality outside making him a house hold name and ambassador for the sport. This concept for a chain of boxing academies throughout the country is best summarised by Chris himself............   
“The Chris Eubank Academy is the physical manifestation of where my heart has always been since I came to understand what real strength is and where it is born. Boxing is the form through which I personally applied this strength. The Warrior is a creature of irony and contradiction for their genuine task is to ensure peace. The Warrior does not judge but acts within a code - the Warrior Code - as their true assignment is to deliver evidence of superior behaviour to the creator of all men. The objective of academy is to produce people who are role models and who teach these values and life skills by example.

London, UK
Chris Eubank
£3.2 millioon
Europe . Sports