Brooklands Museum

Brooklands Museum is the most significant site in the history of speed, flight, engineering and human endeavour - yet the story of its people and place remains relatively unknown.


RHA’s strategic masterplan aimed to increase visitation, dwell-time and revenue generation from a much wider audience by transforming many original fragments and prosaic infrastructure; Access, Car Parking, Arrival, Departure, Orientation Plaza and Clubhouse - into authentic Experiences.


Within the attraction the permanent display of aircraft (including Concorde) and unique test contrasts with a flexible program of activities and events; Concerts and Performances, Kart and Remote Control Model Car Racing, Kite Duelling, Temporary Displays and Festivals.


Walking the famous Brooklands Bank re-energises the concrete track - sensorially immersing visitors on an access-for-all boardwalk surrounded by cars and bikes - mimicking the drama of a race day. 

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