Elephant House

Since removing the last elephants from Casson’s iconic and listed building various different species have inhabited the internal and external corals. Visitors still enter the central atrium to view the animals from various vantage points – however a coherent exhibit is required to bring integrity and a degree of sophistication to this much loved structure. Equally a new use which could generate sufficient revenue streams with which to offset the buildings upkeep needed to be installed.

The solution to create a wrap around 360 fresh water aquatic experiences seemed to provide a missing conservation link whilst complementing the structures built fabric and spatial arrangement. Such a new function offering a variety of produce and service could form the backdrop to a multi-tiered fish restaurant where only products from managed sources would be served accompanied by compelling conservation messages using mixed media to augment the quality real exhibitory. Dining tables could also convert into study stations when not required to be served. The space almost becomes the equivalent of the Great Reading Room but where fresh water aquatic species are the subject matter lining the walls.

London, UK
Europe . Wildlife