BZG Entrance and Playground

The site of a new partner zoo located on the escarpment adjacent to Cribbs Causeway has been incrementally developing over a number of years. The client wished to create (as part of Phase 1) a new children’s play environment and to use the implementation of that project to provide a new entrance as well which would cater for all other future projects/installations.

A dilapidated agricultural barn was investigated to provide a “framework” for a tempered play environment which would exploit its residual structural characteristics to provide weather protection but more importantly new experiences for the visitors. This concept adhered to our Weather Enhanced Visitor Attraction philosophy.

The entrance facility equally borrowed an existing derelict building to create a courtyard cluster of activities and amenities – incorporating ticketing, wc’s, retail and cafe. Its location also influenced an intuitive car parking strategy and approach pathway and network.

Bristol Zoo Gardens
£500 k
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