Saltcoats Headland Regeneration

Saltcoats is located on the West Coast of Scotland. As part of regeneration initiative RHA were invited by IBBC to prepare a strategic master plan for the seafront which included the improvement and expansion of the Apollo Arts and Leisure Complex. Working closely with Space Leisure Ltd and Greenway Associates, the objectives of the master plan were as follows:

• To provide improved arts and leisure facilities to encourage additional and repeat visits

• To increase visitor spend which financially supports the local economy

• To improve the external appearance to provide a landmark building on a prominent headland site.  

The building design concept involved concealing the existing poorly designed structure in a new lightweight skin. The skin could be added in phases and through the use of projection walls, balconies, sculptures and climbable surfaces, made the building a natural extension to the arts and leisure activities planned for space around the building.

Saltcoats, UK
Irvine Bay Regeneration Corporation
£3.8 million
Europe . Leisure