Borehamwood House

This family house, located within sensitive Green Belt land on the outskirts of London, was granted planning consent in 2010. The shell like design provides shelter from road noise and solar gain to the South, whilst opening up to the wonderful views across the Watling Chase Forest and Greater London to the North. Each Shell represents living accommodation for the three generations of family that will live together in the house. At ground floor the shells join together to provide shared accommodation for the whole family which has been designed to be intimate enough for day to day living, whilst at the same time provide the flexibility to accommodate large religious gatherings. The undulating roof form and curved shapes, also allow the visible bulk of the building to be concealed from the Road, which was a key consideration for planning.  In addition the sloping site allowed us to use the natural topography to further reduce the visible mass by cutting a basement level into the hill side. The design has a strong connection with the surrounding landscape, which was designed in collaboration with Bowles and Wyre. There are many sustainable features integrated into the design which helps it to achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 rating.

London, UK
Europe . Residential