Grand Pier Weston-Super-Mare

Following a fire in July 2008, we were invited to design a 21st century pier which would appeal to a broader audience whilst embodying the memory of its much loved predecessor.  
Our approach was to rationalise the original volume into an economical dia-grid structure reducing the external area by 15% whilst increasing the useable volume by 18%. Clad in high performance, lightweight, corrosion resistant materials and supported by columns utilising the existing pier substructure these weight saving measures would give more freedom to the attraction designers to incorporate bigger rides plus a mezzanine floor for restaurant and conference use.
The iconic corner towers, reinterpreted as wind turbines, helter skelters and viewing platforms, constantly move, change colour and naturally vent the building in line with the client’s sustainability objectives.

Weston-Super-Mare, UK
£9 million
Europe . Leisure